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Propaganda w/80% Truth

Every lie has 80% truth…and must in order to make it believable.  The Russians are masters of this and gained a lot of practice for it in propping up the Soviet version of socialism for over seventy years.  Their perspective on … Continue reading

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The Inward Look: Political Risk & Resistance

Following up on the advocacy of building resilient home-based national defense in The Sovereignty Solution, Anna Simons advises fully engaged populations to adopt a “don’t tread on me”/ ”beware: poison” approach to resist invasions. Recognizing that the United States have … Continue reading

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Ukraine Reveals Mao’s Dictum

While disdain for the source may be fully justified, the truth of Chairman Mao’s statement that “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” is playing itself out worldwide today. As the people of Ukraine find themselves pawns … Continue reading

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Victor Bout’s network still operating…

“The former U.N. arms investigator was able to track down the illicit activities of this network led by two main actors who once were Bout’s top lieutenants: Sergey Denisenko and Andrei Kosolapov.” “…the illicit activities took place in Mauritius, an … Continue reading

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