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Mission Analysis & How Operations Become Farcical

,  There’s a scene in Spielberg’s World War II spoof movie starring John Belushi playing a crazed Army Air Corps pilot roaming solo across the West Coast in his P-40 Warhawk.  Multiple sub-plots of the story coalesce in Los Angeles … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Public Security

How would you feel about entering into a contract for services with a security provider that gets to determine unilaterally the terms of service? What if this security company solely determined the price for its services and then was able … Continue reading

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The Taliban’s Operational Mastery

“The operational level of war lies between strategy and tactics…The U.S. Army did not officially recognize the operational level of war until 1982…” “It is the art, not science, of using tactical events, battles and refusals to give battle, victories … Continue reading

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Failed SWAT Breach

Failed SWAT Breach leads to firefight at secondary entry point…settled by knock and talk…

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Stratfor: The Not-So-Exceptional Terrorist

“…there has been a shift in the jihadist threat. Once stemming from the al Qaeda core, the jihadist threat now emanates primarily from grassroots jihadists. While grassroots jihadists pose a more diffuse threat…they also pose a less severe threat because … Continue reading

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The Burning Tanker

I watched it burn for days.  Four days straight before I had a one day break.  Then I watched it smoldering for another three.  Quite an odd sight to witness five thousand liters of gasoline going up in flames with … Continue reading

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