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Sun Tzu and the ISIS Threat

Sun Tzu wrote in Chapter 8 of The Art of War: “Do not depend on the enemy not coming, but depend upon our readiness against him. Do not depend on the enemy not attacking, but depend on our position that … Continue reading

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Politics: Where West Meets East

    Today I heard a lecture from a speaker share his experiences as a POW for six years during the Vietnam War. What was most striking, involved the very brief reaction to a question about the largely ineffectual raid … Continue reading

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Avoiding Group-Think

There is no forest without trees.   There is no group, organization or society without individuals.  Remove the trees and there is no forest.  Remove the individual and there is no society.  We speak about “Service Before Self” as a … Continue reading

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Right Mindedness & Free Speech

Takuan Soho, the Zen monk and mentor to the famous Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, wrote extensively on the importance of “right mindedness” in the realm of military strategy and tactics. His deep wisdom and wise counsel led him to become … Continue reading

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Disclosure: on the use of secret information

Sun Tzu, Chapter 13: “”If a secret piece of news is divulged by a spy before the time is ripe, he must be put to death together with the man to whom the secret was told.” Clausewitz said that war … Continue reading

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The Insurgent’s Health Care Plight

In Chapter 7 of The Art of War, Sun Tzu writes, “if an army is without its equipment it will lose; if an army is without its provisions it will lose; if the army is without its stores it will … Continue reading

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