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All sides value propaganda…

Flames Of War.  Glorifying sacrifice and the honor of death in battle is the clarion call of all militants.  All belligerent groups engage in it.  History is not solely written by the victors.  Modern communications allow competing narratives.  As the jihadist … Continue reading

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A Policy of Disarming The Armed Professionals

16Sep13:   An active shooter at the Navy Yard in Washington DC left 13 government employees and contractors dead today.  The shooter was a former Navy reservist who had been treated for PTSD and was on prescription medications.  He gained … Continue reading

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65yr Old Woman vs. 5 Robbers

Once again, the 2nd Amendment succeeds where government provided protection services fail:

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Mail Order Romanian AK’s

Now that Romania is part of NATO and must convert to standard, 5.56 ammo, they have a surplus of 7.62 X 39’s to unload… Americans benefit from free and unfettered trade as well as the free exercise of their natural … Continue reading

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