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A Federated Libya?

The apparent chaos, conflict, and social strife evident in the world stimulates calls for political solutions. Various think tanks, government agencies, and international bodies have offered solutions to a range of crises dominating the headlines. One such crisis is the … Continue reading

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Whoopi’s inadvertent admission

The subject was Dr. Ben Carson and his views on reforming the dysfunctional health care industry in the United States, however, the subject of welfare and other government handouts prompted an emotional response from the once welfare queen, Whoopi Goldberg. … Continue reading

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Politics: Where West Meets East

    Today I heard a lecture from a speaker share his experiences as a POW for six years during the Vietnam War. What was most striking, involved the very brief reaction to a question about the largely ineffectual raid … Continue reading

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Disclosure: on the use of secret information

Sun Tzu, Chapter 13: “”If a secret piece of news is divulged by a spy before the time is ripe, he must be put to death together with the man to whom the secret was told.” Clausewitz said that war … Continue reading

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