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A Federated Libya?

The apparent chaos, conflict, and social strife evident in the world stimulates calls for political solutions. Various think tanks, government agencies, and international bodies have offered solutions to a range of crises dominating the headlines. One such crisis is the … Continue reading

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Colombian Soldiers hired by the UAE

“It said Erik Prince, the founder of the controversial security firm Blackwater, was given the job of forming an 800-member battalion of foreign troops by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.” “… the 800 Columbians currently employed in the UAE’s … Continue reading

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Somalia, Puntland and Oil

NightWatch for 16 May 12: Hope for Somalia? “Range Resources Limited…and its partner, Horn Petroleum Corp have found oil off the coast of the Horn of Africa.” Comment: Over time, a profitable oil industry should transform the economics of this … Continue reading

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The Burning Tanker

I watched it burn for days.  Four days straight before I had a one day break.  Then I watched it smoldering for another three.  Quite an odd sight to witness five thousand liters of gasoline going up in flames with … Continue reading

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