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The Inward Look: Political Risk & Resistance

Following up on the advocacy of building resilient home-based national defense in The Sovereignty Solution, Anna Simons advises fully engaged populations to adopt a “don’t tread on me”/ ”beware: poison” approach to resist invasions. Recognizing that the United States have … Continue reading

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Wierdness & Militants in the Caucusus

Russia is obsessed with controlling its near abroad in order to secure the core homeland.  The strategic calculus from the Russian perspective requires their sphere of influence over the Caucusus Mountains.  It is for this reason that Russian leaders despise … Continue reading

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Israel’s Strategic Challenges…

“The Israeli Crisis is republished with permission of Stratfor.” “Israel now finds itself in a long-term crisis in which it is struggling to develop a strategy and foreign policy to deal with a new reality.” “How to preserve its superiority … Continue reading

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