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All sides value propaganda…

Flames Of War.  Glorifying sacrifice and the honor of death in battle is the clarion call of all militants.  All belligerent groups engage in it.  History is not solely written by the victors.  Modern communications allow competing narratives.  As the jihadist … Continue reading

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A New Coat for the Militia Debate

The debate between those advocating a return to the federated militia structure as a “constitutionally based” homeland security and those touting private security as an alternative to the leviathan police state are both noble in their endeavor. The main objective … Continue reading

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Ukraine Reveals Mao’s Dictum

While disdain for the source may be fully justified, the truth of Chairman Mao’s statement that “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” is playing itself out worldwide today. As the people of Ukraine find themselves pawns … Continue reading

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Private Militias in Libya

Libya is ruled by the gun: “Though Gaddafi is dead, Libya is far from at peace. It is controlled by an intricate network of armed militias, some opportunistic or purely criminal but most representing powerful regions or tribes.” “the National … Continue reading

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