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Israel’s Strategic Challenges…

“The Israeli Crisis is republished with permission of Stratfor.” “Israel now finds itself in a long-term crisis in which it is struggling to develop a strategy and foreign policy to deal with a new reality.” “How to preserve its superiority … Continue reading

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Arafat’s Ghost Reveals Conspiracy

As Stalin used to say, “no man, no problem.” “A devastating investigation by Qatar’s al-Jazeera has found mounting evidence that Arafat’s death in 2004 was caused by the poisonous radioactive substance Polonium 210.” “Polonium 210 is found in nature only … Continue reading

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Macgregor on the state of defense.

LtCol(ret) Doug Macgregor & The Daily Bell discuss defense issues Here is an all too familiar tale about pyrrhic victory: The generals were, as usual, very timid and reluctant to fight. We assembled this monumental military force designed to take … Continue reading

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