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Blood & Treasure in Afghanistan

Watching American’s try to impose US war-fighting doctrine upon Afghan troops highlights a cultural ignorance syndrome.  “Camp Victory, Afghanistan” shows this in great detail.  The Afghan people have integrated the warrior culture for thousands of years and outclassed the dominant … Continue reading

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The Taliban’s Operational Mastery

“The operational level of war lies between strategy and tactics…The U.S. Army did not officially recognize the operational level of war until 1982…” “It is the art, not science, of using tactical events, battles and refusals to give battle, victories … Continue reading

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Kabul embassy offensive

From Bill Roggio and the Long War Journal: Coordinated Haqqani attacks across Afghanistan In Kabul, the Taliban targeted seven different locations in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, which hosts foreign embassies, an ISAF base, and other sensitive installations. The Taliban … Continue reading

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Macgregor on the state of defense.

LtCol(ret) Doug Macgregor & The Daily Bell discuss defense issues Here is an all too familiar tale about pyrrhic victory: The generals were, as usual, very timid and reluctant to fight. We assembled this monumental military force designed to take … Continue reading

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