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A New Coat for the Militia Debate

The debate between those advocating a return to the federated militia structure as a “constitutionally based” homeland security and those touting private security as an alternative to the leviathan police state are both noble in their endeavor. The main objective … Continue reading

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Principle-Agent & The Security Contractor

Private military contractors and private security companies are oft maligned for their involvement with the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. This criticism is justified to the degree that they were violently carrying out failed foreign policies and misguided interventions. As … Continue reading

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Contentious Counting Rods

“…knowing the foe is harder than strategists like Sun Tzu allow. Foreign militaries resemble “black boxes” in peacetime…outsiders know what they look like outwardly. They can tabulate lists of ranges, payloads, and other technical specifications, and venture informed guesswork about … Continue reading

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For a few dollars more: Africa to deploy joint intervention force “The gravity of the new threats posed by terrorism, organised crime and all forms of illegal trafficking require the union to adopt a global strategy… Africa is duty-bound…to act with a single iron fist to curb violence and terror…Volunteer … Continue reading

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Decentralized resistance movements require true autonomy, yet the difficulty and enhanced liabilities that come with insurgent life make them difficult to sustain. Sabotage, assassination and attacks on infrastructure have been the mainstay of guerilla units since before the use of … Continue reading

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Retired Generals and Institutional Shaping

Retired generals have great insight and experience, but as the product of years of state-sponsored conditioning and education, most have a skewed definition of democracy.  Jefferson and Madison specifically created a vision of “a more perfect union” that would protect … Continue reading

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Creeping Socialism & The Military Industrial Complex

Anyone can assemble letters and assign definitions as they please, but that does not make them correct.  The Marxian definition of capitalism, along with the entire Marxist social philosophy was based upon the erroneous labor theory of value.  Marx could … Continue reading

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Can a bureaucratic military force be considered an enterprise?  Certainly, by definition, state-owned organizations can be a considerable undertaking.    Success requires initiative and resourcefulness in every organization and while hazards are always present in military operations, a government bureaucracy … Continue reading

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Avoiding Group-Think

There is no forest without trees.   There is no group, organization or society without individuals.  Remove the trees and there is no forest.  Remove the individual and there is no society.  We speak about “Service Before Self” as a … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Public Security

How would you feel about entering into a contract for services with a security provider that gets to determine unilaterally the terms of service? What if this security company solely determined the price for its services and then was able … Continue reading

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