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Form v. Function: Warriors As Bureaucrats

Musashi wrote that it matters not which stance one adopts in combat, whether it be the low guard or the high guard, the left stance or the right stance, adding that the way of strategy is in cutting down the … Continue reading

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Choice As The Check On Encroachment

It is not any constitution, charter, or public institution that can limit the size and scope of government. All of those documents and offices are governmental by their nature and as such, skew toward the favor of the incumbent. In … Continue reading

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A Policy of Disarming The Armed Professionals

16Sep13:   An active shooter at the Navy Yard in Washington DC left 13 government employees and contractors dead today.  The shooter was a former Navy reservist who had been treated for PTSD and was on prescription medications.  He gained … Continue reading

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Retired Generals and Institutional Shaping

Retired generals have great insight and experience, but as the product of years of state-sponsored conditioning and education, most have a skewed definition of democracy.  Jefferson and Madison specifically created a vision of “a more perfect union” that would protect … Continue reading

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Reality is a Toy

Welcome to Romper Room.  It’s a magical place where reality can bend, twist and shift at any time and for any reason.  What’s true on one day may be completely opposite on another. What is written down and considered a … Continue reading

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Avoiding Group-Think

There is no forest without trees.   There is no group, organization or society without individuals.  Remove the trees and there is no forest.  Remove the individual and there is no society.  We speak about “Service Before Self” as a … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Public Security

How would you feel about entering into a contract for services with a security provider that gets to determine unilaterally the terms of service? What if this security company solely determined the price for its services and then was able … Continue reading

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Right Mindedness & Free Speech

Takuan Soho, the Zen monk and mentor to the famous Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, wrote extensively on the importance of “right mindedness” in the realm of military strategy and tactics. His deep wisdom and wise counsel led him to become … Continue reading

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Lately it appears that the news has been filled with stories of armed professionals losing their lives during violent confrontations and ambushes. The increasing number of green on blue attacks coming out of Afghanistan is evidence enough of this lethal … Continue reading

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Incentive Dissonance: statistical corruption and federal grants.

At present, government holds the ultimate monopoly on the provision of policing, protection and defense services.  Despite the appearance of differing levels of government, such as county, state or federal administrations, the result is the same: revenues are expropriated from tax … Continue reading

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