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The individual: Detroit’s elementary crime response.

“If you’re confronted with an immediate threat to your safety, you’re not going to have time to dial 911,” Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary, yet the message gets lost in the churn of politics. The new police chief in … Continue reading

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The Perverse Justice of Public Defenders

The reference was made to public defenders offering “free” legal advice.  Yet this assumption looks only at what is seen.  Public defenders do, in fact, provide legal services free of charge to those that qualify based on certain established criteria.  What … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Public Security

How would you feel about entering into a contract for services with a security provider that gets to determine unilaterally the terms of service? What if this security company solely determined the price for its services and then was able … Continue reading

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Newtown School Shooting

Once again, government provided security services fail to protect. Government policies preclude adequate self defense and the homicidal maniac is provided an uncontested space to commit mass murder. The crime historians sure look sexy in that tactical gear though…

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Incentive Dissonance: statistical corruption and federal grants.

At present, government holds the ultimate monopoly on the provision of policing, protection and defense services.  Despite the appearance of differing levels of government, such as county, state or federal administrations, the result is the same: revenues are expropriated from tax … Continue reading

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Statistics fraud, federal grants and border security…

In yet another demonstration of the misuse of governmental statistics, which are usually the byproduct of other, equally superfluous, governmental activity: “The federal crime reporting system relies on local law enforcement to accurately report the crimes taking place in their communities. … Continue reading

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Border Patrol Union boss indicted…

For 33 years, Terence J. Bonner was paid to be a Border Patrol Agent.  Rather than fulfilling his duties as a law enforcement officer, for 22 of those years, his full time job was to act as the head of the National … Continue reading

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Awareness on the train

I’m not a fan of public transportation and use it sparingly. But I do use it. When convenience, expediency and the situation requires it, using public transportation can be an exercise in the awareness principles. Aside from terrorist attacks like … Continue reading

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Video of Arkansas fatal OIS

PoliceOne reporting on a motor vehicle infraction stop that left one officer dead: “video shows Lard sitting in the back of a vehicle that Schmidt pulled over because a license plate check showed it might not have insurance.” “Schmidt asked Lard … Continue reading

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Google Crime Hackers

Google innovating technology solutions for crime disruption… Is this a positive joint public-private venture or Google’s acquiesence (in hopes of avoiding another anti-trust suit)?    

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