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Dueling Concepts on American Sniper

I wonder why it is so difficult for some to entertain two concepts simultaneously.  Take for instance the conflict between the North and South United States from 1861-1865.  Is it really difficult for someone to be at the same time … Continue reading

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A New Coat for the Militia Debate

The debate between those advocating a return to the federated militia structure as a “constitutionally based” homeland security and those touting private security as an alternative to the leviathan police state are both noble in their endeavor. The main objective … Continue reading

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Principle-Agent & The Security Contractor

Private military contractors and private security companies are oft maligned for their involvement with the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. This criticism is justified to the degree that they were violently carrying out failed foreign policies and misguided interventions. As … Continue reading

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Propaganda w/80% Truth

Every lie has 80% truth…and must in order to make it believable.  The Russians are masters of this and gained a lot of practice for it in propping up the Soviet version of socialism for over seventy years.  Their perspective on … Continue reading

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Choice As The Check On Encroachment

It is not any constitution, charter, or public institution that can limit the size and scope of government. All of those documents and offices are governmental by their nature and as such, skew toward the favor of the incumbent. In … Continue reading

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Whoopi’s inadvertent admission

The subject was Dr. Ben Carson and his views on reforming the dysfunctional health care industry in the United States, however, the subject of welfare and other government handouts prompted an emotional response from the once welfare queen, Whoopi Goldberg. … Continue reading

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Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge

Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge. …he’s quite sure that something in the nature of capitalism practically assures that [interest on capital] will almost always grow faster than [the overall economy]. Yet capitalism has been around for more than 200 … Continue reading

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The individual: Detroit’s elementary crime response.

“If you’re confronted with an immediate threat to your safety, you’re not going to have time to dial 911,” Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary, yet the message gets lost in the churn of politics. The new police chief in … Continue reading

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The Perverse Justice of Public Defenders

The reference was made to public defenders offering “free” legal advice.  Yet this assumption looks only at what is seen.  Public defenders do, in fact, provide legal services free of charge to those that qualify based on certain established criteria.  What … Continue reading

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Creeping Socialism & The Military Industrial Complex

Anyone can assemble letters and assign definitions as they please, but that does not make them correct.  The Marxian definition of capitalism, along with the entire Marxist social philosophy was based upon the erroneous labor theory of value.  Marx could … Continue reading

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