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Decades of walking the path of the warrior in service to noble ideals leaves one, well...jaded.

The Japanese Revival?

With what money? “The pressures imposed by China’s rise must be understood in context of another structural shift: the maturation of the American grand strategy. As we have argued, the United States is transitioning from a grand strategy grounded in … Continue reading

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Form v. Function: Warriors As Bureaucrats

Musashi wrote that it matters not which stance one adopts in combat, whether it be the low guard or the high guard, the left stance or the right stance, adding that the way of strategy is in cutting down the … Continue reading

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Never Mind Article 9, Japan needs PMCs

Never mind amending Article 9 of the constitution, what Japanese people need are private military & security companies. The murder of two Japanese men by Jihadi John and the Islamic State highlights the inability of the Japanese government to protect … Continue reading

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The ninja are coming!

From KGS NightWatch: “ What is especially outrageous to the Japanese is that the ISIL executioner said on the video that he was killing the hostages because Japan was a member of the US-led coalition against ISIL. Japan has never … Continue reading

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Dueling Concepts on American Sniper

I wonder why it is so difficult for some to entertain two concepts simultaneously.  Take for instance the conflict between the North and South United States from 1861-1865.  Is it really difficult for someone to be at the same time … Continue reading

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A Federated Libya?

The apparent chaos, conflict, and social strife evident in the world stimulates calls for political solutions. Various think tanks, government agencies, and international bodies have offered solutions to a range of crises dominating the headlines. One such crisis is the … Continue reading

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Point Blank on the Charlie Hebdo shooting…

Worth a closer, independent, look: Charlie Hebdo Shooting

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Origins of the police

Originally posted on Works in theory:
The Five Points district of lower Manhattan, painted by George Catlin in 1827. New York’s first free Black settlement, Five Points was also a destination for Irish immigrants and a focal point for the…

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State Formation as Organized Crime

“…states organize violence in ways similar to organized crime; states simply do it on a larger scale…” State Formation as Organized Crime.

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Kote Gaeshi: study the angle of the elbow

Originally posted on Lee's Life (いわまのたより):
Last night we spent time practicing kote gaeshi, one of the iconic techniques of the martial arts. Almost all martial arts from asian countries have this technique included in their syllabus in one way…

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