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Kote Gaeshi: study the angle of the elbow

Originally posted on Lee's Life (いわまのたより):
Last night we spent time practicing kote gaeshi, one of the iconic techniques of the martial arts. Almost all martial arts from asian countries have this technique included in their syllabus in one way…

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Ex-Blackwater Chief Urges Hired Guns to Take on ISIS

On second thought, just leave the Pentagon out of it altogether: “The private sector has long provided nations around the world with innovative solutions to national defense problems in a variety of ways, from the kinetic to the background logistical … Continue reading

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The “Convention of States” Scam, the War over the Constitution, and how the States Sold the Reserved Powers to the Feds.

Originally posted on Publius-Huldah's Blog:
By Publius Huldah Our Constitution is a glorious document. This one page chart depicts the Structure of the federal government we created when we ratified our Constitution; and lists the “limited & enumerated powers”…

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