Whoopi’s inadvertent admission

The subject was Dr. Ben Carson and his views on reforming the dysfunctional health care industry in the United States, however, the subject of welfare and other government handouts prompted an emotional response from the once welfare queen, Whoopi Goldberg. Rightly understood, she admitted that the government welfare, food stamps and subsistence programs actually discourage recipients from working. Like the fish that remains unaware that it is swimming in water, the welfare recipient may not recognize that the government system is actually DESIGNED to perpetuate dependence upon state apparatus. Bureaucrats are incentivized to EXPAND their programs and increase their spending, regardless of results (statistics can be fashioned to provide any desired appearance). Politicians have the incentive to flamboyantly distribute government largesse with the intent of buying future votes in their favor. So while the government welfare recipient may not know WHY they are seemingly trapped in a cycle of poverty and dependence, they do occasionally admit to the symptoms present in their condition. Contrast this with private relief programs, like the Mormon Church that effectively provide for the needy while promoting self-reliance. Effective welfare need not pitch recipients into a cycle of dependency. There are successful models and the political-bureaucratic impact on the best intended programs is empirically manifest. Whoopi inadvertently illustrates why welfare is best left unmolested by government agencies.

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Decades of walking the path of the warrior in service to noble ideals leaves one, well...jaded.
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