This we’ll defend?


THIS we’ll defend.ThisWeDefend

The premise of all security activity begins with the fundamental understanding that there is some thing to defend, preserve, or protect. What is it? What is this thing and why is it to be secured?

Security is a function of human action. A human being consciously decides to endeavor toward the protection of an object. Metaphysically we can observe that the universe has been divided into subject and object through this action. The subject is the observer, the individual consciously engaging in the activity. The object is a material thing upon which the subject decides to focus the security activity. Again, a metaphysical understanding implies subjective volition in the choice of action and the subjective valuation of the object to be protected on the part of the individual subject undertaking the activity. It also implies physical space and mass in which the object must exist in order for the subject to evaluate its distinguishing characteristics. Without such uniqueness in form, there can be no subject and object relationship. So, the discernment of objectively unique characteristics is also implied through this action, otherwise the subject cannot know the limits of the object and the area in which to conduct security activities.

Conscious volition and discernment is inherent to all defense and security action. Uniqueness of form is prerequisite to discernment as undifferentiated, homogenous ether cannot be discerned. This is not to say that the object must be unique in the sense of have a singular existence. Like objects can be unique in the sense that have the same characteristics as other objects, yet are unique to the position within space or a given territory. This informs the subject-object relationship in such a way as to allow the protector the discriminating ability of focusing security activity “here” versus “there”, and for “these” but not “those”.

Further, dividing the universe into subject, with all the conscious discernment inherent to subjectivity, and object, with all the unique characteristics attendant to objectivity, also implies the sequential element of time. The subject must observe the object within space and also for a given sequential measurement. The human experience has commonly referred to the sequential measurement of existence as time.

So, security activity implies a subject, object, space, and time. If the question of security arises, the implied questions must follow to specify who, what, where and when. The inferences here may seem quite elementary, yet any discussion of providing security without a clear understanding of these elements is incomplete. Any discussion of securing entities without discernible form, such as “society” or “the community”, is chimerical; an ethereal pursuit unmoored from reason. Reason is rooted in the subjective evaluations of the object and is dependent upon the criteria unique to their relationship. All security activity must hold these criteria to meet a rational basis.

Security activity does not happen in a void, it happens in time and space. It does not occur between non-entities, it can only occur between clearly defined subjects and objects. Discrimination is essential for all human action and most particularly for defense and security.

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