Decentralized resistance movements require true autonomy, yet the difficulty and enhanced liabilities that come with insurgent life make them difficult to sustain. Sabotage, assassination and attacks on infrastructure have been the mainstay of guerilla units since before the use of the term. Partisan units require constant support and must have cooperative populations in order to succeed in the way that Mao described swimming like a fish in the ocean. Absent this moral and material support, as such found in a population fatigued through the depravities of National Socialism, the werewolves were destined to fizzle. Coercing support from an unwilling populace leads to self-destructive behaviors.

Still, political settlements are not monolithic. One societal element may negotiate terms that go largely ignored by others. Resistance continues as long as hope endures. Values are subjective, desired ends vary among individuals and groups. The pursuit of differing ends manifest in action undertaken by individuals and groups with differing agendas. In this way, the guerilla must align their activities with an information campaign to justify, clarify or popularize these actions.

Occupying forces often aid the insurgent campaign through disproportionate reactions to guerilla activity. The war of the partisan is always nuanced, just as politics, the motive force behind all war, cannot be fully apprehended with sound bites and talking points. The guerilla must find the fissures in a political movement and exploit these gaps.


About The Jade(d) Warrior

Decades of walking the path of the warrior in service to noble ideals leaves one, well...jaded.
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