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Whoopi’s inadvertent admission

The subject was Dr. Ben Carson and his views on reforming the dysfunctional health care industry in the United States, however, the subject of welfare and other government handouts prompted an emotional response from the once welfare queen, Whoopi Goldberg. … Continue reading

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This we’ll defend?

  THIS we’ll defend. The premise of all security activity begins with the fundamental understanding that there is some thing to defend, preserve, or protect. What is it? What is this thing and why is it to be secured? Security … Continue reading

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Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Silences the Press

Originally posted on What Did You Say?:
Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) turned the tables on the media and asked them questions about Benghazi . The silence was deafening. Best video clip I’ve seen in months. I hope you watch it…

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Originally posted on Chainsoff's Blog: Muslim asking the Imam, Mufti, whatever satanists want to call themselves, whether he can have anal sex with another man so he can fit explosives in his rectum

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Seymour Hersh Links Turkey to Benghazi, Syria and Sarin

Seymour Hersh Links Turkey to Benghazi, Syria and Sarin. The tangled web is unravelling…

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The Inward Look: Political Risk & Resistance

Following up on the advocacy of building resilient home-based national defense in The Sovereignty Solution, Anna Simons advises fully engaged populations to adopt a “don’t tread on me”/ ”beware: poison” approach to resist invasions. Recognizing that the United States have … Continue reading

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Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge

Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge. …he’s quite sure that something in the nature of capitalism practically assures that [interest on capital] will almost always grow faster than [the overall economy]. Yet capitalism has been around for more than 200 … Continue reading

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The individual: Detroit’s elementary crime response.

“If you’re confronted with an immediate threat to your safety, you’re not going to have time to dial 911,” Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary, yet the message gets lost in the churn of politics. The new police chief in … Continue reading

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Boko Haram as a political means

A terrorist group has kidnapped over two hundred schoolgirls and threatened to sell them off as slaves or under-aged wives. It’s sensational. It captures headlines and stirs the emotions of outside observers, prompting calls for Western governments to “do something”. … Continue reading

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Decentralized resistance movements require true autonomy, yet the difficulty and enhanced liabilities that come with insurgent life make them difficult to sustain. Sabotage, assassination and attacks on infrastructure have been the mainstay of guerilla units since before the use of … Continue reading

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