Politics: Where West Meets East




Today I heard a lecture from a speaker share his experiences as a POW for six years during the Vietnam War. What was most striking, involved the very brief reaction to a question about the largely ineffectual raid on the Son Tai prison camp.

Despite what should have been obvious signs that the camp had been vacated for over six months, US military leadership decided to go forward with the raid of what must have simply been a political stunt. Although the subject was glanced over, it was rather curious how the speaker reserved his opinion yet alluded to a deeper understanding of what the raid symbolized.  Sun Tzu said that all war is based on deception.  Clausewitz said that war is politics by other means.  These two concepts are complimentary.

What does this imply about the nature of politics?



About The Jade(d) Warrior

Decades of walking the path of the warrior in service to noble ideals leaves one, well...jaded.
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