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The Perverse Justice of Public Defenders

The reference was made to public defenders offering “free” legal advice.  Yet this assumption looks only at what is seen.  Public defenders do, in fact, provide legal services free of charge to those that qualify based on certain established criteria.  What … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of “Whole of Government”

23Sep13:   Two movies over two days with one theme. Cross of Iron, Sam Peckinpah’s depiction of a WWII novel on the Germany army’s retreat from Soviet territory focused upon the tensions between a combat hardened platoon sergeant, Steiner, and … Continue reading

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A Policy of Disarming The Armed Professionals

16Sep13:   An active shooter at the Navy Yard in Washington DC left 13 government employees and contractors dead today.  The shooter was a former Navy reservist who had been treated for PTSD and was on prescription medications.  He gained … Continue reading

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Retired Generals and Institutional Shaping

Retired generals have great insight and experience, but as the product of years of state-sponsored conditioning and education, most have a skewed definition of democracy.  Jefferson and Madison specifically created a vision of “a more perfect union” that would protect … Continue reading

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Creeping Socialism & The Military Industrial Complex

Anyone can assemble letters and assign definitions as they please, but that does not make them correct.  The Marxian definition of capitalism, along with the entire Marxist social philosophy was based upon the erroneous labor theory of value.  Marx could … Continue reading

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Can a bureaucratic military force be considered an enterprise?  Certainly, by definition, state-owned organizations can be a considerable undertaking.    Success requires initiative and resourcefulness in every organization and while hazards are always present in military operations, a government bureaucracy … Continue reading

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Role Model: Benjamin Franklin

            Renting a DVD from the local library afforded me the opportunity to watch a documentary on the life of Benjamin Franklin. Watching him progress from a poor laborer, through a philandering playboy, to a … Continue reading

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Politics: Where West Meets East

    Today I heard a lecture from a speaker share his experiences as a POW for six years during the Vietnam War. What was most striking, involved the very brief reaction to a question about the largely ineffectual raid … Continue reading

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Reality is a Toy

Welcome to Romper Room.  It’s a magical place where reality can bend, twist and shift at any time and for any reason.  What’s true on one day may be completely opposite on another. What is written down and considered a … Continue reading

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Blood & Treasure in Afghanistan

Watching American’s try to impose US war-fighting doctrine upon Afghan troops highlights a cultural ignorance syndrome.  “Camp Victory, Afghanistan” shows this in great detail.  The Afghan people have integrated the warrior culture for thousands of years and outclassed the dominant … Continue reading

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