Let the security buyer beware…

In the security sector, let the buyer beware.

The 12 October 2012 edition of the Financial Times has an article by Farhan Bokhari that details the growth of private security in Karachi, Pakistan. According to Bokhari, “Armed robberies and extortion in cities such as Karachi, Pakistan’s commercial capital, have prompted the country’s elite to turn to private companies offering security guards for protection of their homes and businesses.”

Following the January 2011 shooting incident of CIA contractor, Raymond Davis, that left two locals dead, the Pakistani government banned foreign security companies from “operating on its soil”. This leaves “high-income consumers looking for high-quality protection” to seek out local companies to meet their needs. With poverty rampant in the city of 19 million inhabitants, it is a buyers market for labor and job seekers are willing to work cheap. Putting a body in a uniform to have them stand post does not necessarily make for effective security and many guards are accused of being complicit in burglaries and home invasion robberies.

Bokhari then goes on to state, “There is practically no regulation ensuring a high standard of service by companies” adding that many “fly-by-night operations” are rushing to fill the void in security providers.

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