Border Patrol Union boss indicted…

For 33 years, Terence J. Bonner was paid to be a Border Patrol Agent.  Rather than fulfilling his duties as a law enforcement officer, for 22 of those years, his full time job was to act as the head of the National Border Patrol Council.  Instead of fulfilling his oath of protecting the territorial integrity of the United States, he was figuring out ways to extract more tax revenues for his organization, without regard for perfromance or results.  This is how public sector unions work.  Fraud count one.

Now, its come to light that he was embezzling funds:

“…indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday on charges of diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars in union funds for personal use.”

“…accused of submitting expense vouchers for meals, car rentals, luggage, books and other union-related activities when he was traveling for personal reasons.”

“…He allegedly sought wages for time when he was downloading pornography at home on hard drives paid for by the union.”

“…The false claims cover periods when he was visiting his mistress in Chicago, his family, hockey games and other sporting events unrelated to the union.”

“Bonner allegedly signed off on policies that benefited him and other officers, such as clothing allowances and up to $800 a year to buy gifts for spouses and children.”

“…the union adopted internal controls since learning of the investigation.”

It doesn’t matter how many internal controls they institute, these unions continue to defraud the tax producers, this is just one example of a guy being hung out to dry as a showpiece.



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