AFRICOM General disciplined for fraud, waste & abuse…

Former US Africa Command Commanding General, William “Kip” Ward, has been given “a room with a view” at the Pentagon while he awaits disciplinary action on allegations of fraud, waste and abuse:

“…the inspector general found several instances in which Ward travelled at government expense for personal matters and conducted little government business at his destination. ”

“Seven times he extended his stay on what were claimed as official trips without spending much time on official business.”

” the main purpose of a government-funded, three-day, two-night trip to New York City in July 2010 was to socialize and see a Broadway show.”

“he accepted free tickets to that performance from a defense contractor, a “prohibited source” under federal laws.”

“he wasted travel funds including during a stopover in Bermuda where he stayed in a $740 a night hotel suite”

“The general also misused military aircraft to provide free transportation to other generals and members of the media without proper authorization.”

“Ward abused his authority by having military staff perform personal errands for him and his wife Joyce using government vehicles.”

“…a witness said “everyone knew he was Joyce’s driver,” who transported her to spas, department stores and fundraisers. Military personnel also were used for such things as dropping off personal real estate documents, shopping, delivering flowers and picking up candy. ”

“…he spent $4,500 for 1,000 copies of a booklet designed as a “takeaway” for visitors to the commander’s official residence and $14,000 for 1,000 copies of a hardbound book to commemorate his tenure as AFRICOM’s commander.”

This is not an exceptional case.  It is what happens, inevitably, when bureaucrats have access to financial resources completely divorced of economic calculation.



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