Mail Order Romanian AK’s

Now that Romania is part of NATO and must convert to standard, 5.56 ammo, they have a surplus of 7.62 X 39’s to unload

Americans benefit from free and unfettered trade as well as the free exercise of their natural right to keep and bear arms…

Romanian Black Poly Stock AK Rifle. Each Rifle sold will come with a FREE High End Shooters Package.”

These are our highly popular Romanian AK-47 series military variation rifles custom fitted with a tactical black polymer stock.  This is not an after-market stock, but in fact a polymer stock specifically injection molded to fit this rifle.  The stock is also slightly elongated to better fit the average American shooter. 
Because of the detail taken in designing the furniture on this rifle, the tolerances are extremely tight with none of the gaps, wobble or fit problems sometimes encountered with other Romanian AK-47 variations.  Each rifle comes with a side rail already attached and ready for your mount and a TAPCO no slap G2 trigger group. Rifle is manufactured in the famous Romanian Cugir factory.”


About The Jade(d) Warrior

Decades of walking the path of the warrior in service to noble ideals leaves one, well...jaded.
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