The Benefits of Doing Nothing in Mali?

“All things considered, any outside power trying to counter extremists would be best advised to support Tuareg aspirations.”

“With the subsequent formation of AFRICOM as a separate “combatant command” in the US military, the rise of AQIM has been, to those of an aggressive turn of mind, something of a godsend.”

“… those who feel a natural and irresistible urge to do something – anything – about a potential threat are perhaps not the ones to make definitive judgments about what, precisely, ought to be done.”

“In northern Mali, all politics revolves around the Tuaregs and their desire for independence from governments controlled by hostile ethnic groups. If there is a need to counter Ansar al-Dine, that end would best be accomplished by leveraging the desires of the Tuaregs who, before being usurped by Ansar al-Dine, had taken the opportunity afforded by a coup in Bamako to seize much of the north and to declare an independent “Azawad”.”

“…supporting regional governments deemed repressive by the Tuaregs, to include a government in Bamako which, in addition to its other defects, is deemed illegitimate by the global community, is likely to be strongly counter-productive.”

“… the best course open to the US…might well be to continue to watch, wait – and do nothing.”

About The Jade(d) Warrior

Decades of walking the path of the warrior in service to noble ideals leaves one, well...jaded.
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1 Response to The Benefits of Doing Nothing in Mali?

  1. E A M Harris says:

    I agree. It may be tempting to interfere, but the local people know best and can eventually sort things out for themselves.

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