Cyber Warfare Treaty: DOA, Thanks to President and Pentagon

Dr. Barnett’s key points: “We are being led nowhere good by nobody honest.”
“we have chosen a different path: to monger warfare in the cyber and space realms because those domains represent our best chances to maintain our capacity for waging decisive conflict unilaterally.”

“Whatever Obama sells you about forging a different foreign policy path from Bush, he is flat-out conning us all.”


Misha Glenny making a smart case in the New York Times for a cyber arms control treaty, but it won’t happen.


For the same reason why the U.S. has refused – for many years now – to engage other great powers on a treaty banning space weaponry: our Pentagon wants to dominate that imagine conflict space like any other. This fantasy lives on despite the great private-sector forays into space transport and travel.

The lines have already been drawn in the defense budget by the Pentagon and this Administration:

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