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The Chemical Weapons Scam

“If you look at the history of chemical weapons dating back to World War I, it turns out they’re a lousy weapon to use against enemies. They have a disconcerting tendency to blow back on your own forces, they tend … Continue reading

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Blue on Green: A Never Ending Trend

Police advisors killed by an Afghan trainee: “clearly Afghan troops have turned on their allies in other areas, and as coalition units pull out, the trend could very well get worse.”

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Shaping the battlespace…

Using the environment, improvisation and expanding the possible for maximum advantage…    

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Mexican Cartels & Public Relations

Timed massacres to fit the news cycle…

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Hire a bodyguard or lead a less aggressive life…

Wisdom from Bruce Lee and his Way of the Intercepting Fist…    

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Victor Bout’s network still operating…

“The former U.N. arms investigator was able to track down the illicit activities of this network led by two main actors who once were Bout’s top lieutenants: Sergey Denisenko and Andrei Kosolapov.” “…the illicit activities took place in Mauritius, an … Continue reading

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The South China Sea: From Bad to Worse

“The South China Sea already is heavily militarized and is certain to become more so as the “re-balancing” of U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific gains traction.” “A far more dangerous confrontation could be shaping up outside the South China Sea, … Continue reading

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New Air Force Mission: Cyberwar Belongs to Us

“…if you want trustworthy analysis of the cyber threat, you will need to look outside the Pentagon.”

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A contrasting tale of two police recruitment videos…

From PoliceOne: As compared to:

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The Benefits of Doing Nothing in Mali?

“All things considered, any outside power trying to counter extremists would be best advised to support Tuareg aspirations.” “With the subsequent formation of AFRICOM as a separate “combatant command” in the US military, the rise of AQIM has been, to … Continue reading

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