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Drug war in Laredo on both sides of the border

Silvia Longmire, the Drug War Analyst reports:  The first major battle over Nuevo Laredo started around 2003…The ensuing battle between these cartels introduced beheadings and dismemberments…The April 2012 murder and dismemberment of 14 people whose bodies were methodically placed in front … Continue reading

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Touareg Alliance Declares Northern Mali as State of Azawad

Touareg militias formed an interim government in the self-proclaimed state of Azawad:  “the two groups have formed a 40-member committee, with half of members representing Ansar al-Din and the other half representing MNLA, to declare the government” “The agreement removes … Continue reading

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Maine Police Recruiting

Police forces in Maine are having difficulty finding qualified people to wear the badge:   “Law enforcement agencies across the state report they are having difficulty in finding applicants who want to become police officers and who can make it through … Continue reading

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Cocaine wheelchaired across the border…

A Mexican man tried to smuggle 7 pounds of cocaine by hiding it in his wheelchair’s seat cushion…

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MVH: Winning Battles, Losing Wars

Strategy and Wars of Choice: “Why, then, does the use of American military forces not guarantee sure victory?”  …”an inability to articulate our strategic objectives—what exactly do wish to see follow from our use of force and for how long … Continue reading

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$7Bn in Stolen Oil from Nigeria Prompts Task Force

Crude oil theft in Nigeria costs $7 Billion annually….”because of the collusion of some foreign nationals”. “The task force comprises the Police and the Armed Forces, in collaboration with the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, … Continue reading

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Early withdrawal from Afghanistan

Nightwatch is reporting coded language from NATO signalling the end of military commitment to Afghanistan 18 months early: “The next year will be unpleasant and dangerous for any NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. The good news is nobody wants to be … Continue reading

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Police Surveillance Cameras in Baltimore

“the camera network at Harborplace and also at Galleryplace will be linked into the police system” “…a string of violence downtown—including a beating caught on tape—groups of fighting teenagers and several stabbings during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend have police … Continue reading

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Drones for Iraqi Navy

The US office for Security Cooperation in Iraq has announced: “the sale of roughly 12 of the U.S. Navy’s Scan Eagle unmanned drones”… “with surveillance packages that will allow the aircraft to conduct day and night missions”… “operated by members … Continue reading

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Africa’s Regionally Aligned Brigade

AFRICOM “will be the first to test the new rotational model, intended to give commanders a more reliable supply of soldiers available for short, training-focused missions.” “The benefit is being able to give them regional expertise and cultural experience,” “Plans also … Continue reading

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