Drug war in Laredo on both sides of the border

Silvia Longmire, the Drug War Analyst reports:  The first major battle over Nuevo Laredo started around 2003…The ensuing battle between these cartels introduced beheadings and dismemberments…The April 2012 murder and dismemberment of 14 people whose bodies were methodically placed in front of a lengthy and detailed narco-banner apparently didn’t make enough of an impact to satisfy Sinaloa Federation Cartel leader…
One week later, Mexican authorities found nine more corpses hanging from a bridge. The heads of fourteen additional bodies were discovered near Nuevo Laredo’s city hall.

…violence on the US side — especially in a lucrative smuggling “plaza” like Laredo — is bad for business…

The main problem is that it’s usually the younger, less experienced recruits and co-opted US-based gang members employed by the cartels who are the ones who are trigger-happy and get themselves into trouble…

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