The Division of Mali

NightWatch update on Mali

Mali: Today, 6 April, the Tuaregs declared independence for their territory known as Azawad, in northern Mali. They declared Gao as their capital. Ultra-fundamentalists in league with the Tuaregs already have imposed and are enforcing Sharia in Timbuktu and Kidal.

In Bamako, army captain Sanogo said that the National Assembly president will become the head of state in two weeks. In the event that the president is unable to serve out his term, the constitution prescribes that the position then falls to the head of the National Assembly, he said.

While that person will head a 21-day transitional government, Sanogo said the process could be lengthened because of the ongoing political crisis in Mali. Finally, Sanogo said that amnesty was being granted to coup participants, and that constitutional order was being restored in Mali.

France and the African Union rejected and denounced the Tuareg declaration of independence and asked the international community to do the same. France announced it would provide logistics support for an African intervention force.

Comment: The situation continues to move from bad to worse. Farce has become national tragedy.

Feedback from an extremely knowledgeable, brilliant and well informed Reader pointed out that Tuaregs do not recognize national boundaries, being nomads. They range across parts of Mauritania and Niger as well as Mali. This uprising threatens to spread across Sahelian Africa, unless it can be contained and suppressed.

Once African states start to fragment, there is no stopping the process because all the national boundaries are artificial and senseless, relative to demographics and market areas.

The question remains as to wether intervention is warranted by America and NATO regarding a potential Al Qaeda safe haven. The redrawing of borders in this region, away from their colonial arbitrariness, appears inevitable, yet neither the established governments of the Trans-Sahel, nor the West are ready for a “resettling”.

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